Execution is everything

Start Building

Business teams and technology teams must be one to unlock full value

• Business teams should be as effective in technology as if they were the ones writing the code themselves
• Technology teams should execute as if they owned and operated the business

Top teams use measurable goals

• We cannot grow what we cannot measure
• Clarity and focus makes execution more impactful

Aligned and support one another

• All initiatives, across a company, must roll up to the primary goals
• Have observability into the org and the traction on initiatives

Leverage Industry tools

• Visualize critical business flows using the Business Model Canvas
• Align on strategy and collaboratively set goals using the Balanced Score Card

Work with those who have helped others succeed in this endeavor

• Business leadership
• Engineering leadership
• Product leadership

Strategy Formulation

  • Verify all ideas for feasibility and identify key milestones to track
  • Clarify your scope and ideas
  • Leverage the Business Model Canvas

Strategy Execution

  • Create a plan of execution that is measurable while validating the effectiveness of the strategy
  • Identify the critical goals
  • Leverage the Balanced Scorecard

Roadmap Development

  • Create concrete initiatives to allocate resources towards desired results
  • Create clear initiatives
  • Leverage Product Management tools

Roadmap Execution

  • Execute on initiatives as efficiently as possible
  • Breake complex items into specifics
  • Leverage Project Management tools

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